An Unbiased E-Cigarette Review

When you are looking for genuine e-cigarette reviews you will want to choose reviews from real users of electronic cigarettes. These reviews will provide you with all of the information you need to make the best choice when it comes to selecting e-cigarette starter kits. Starter kits offer new users everything they need in order to make their e-cig experience enjoyable.

The following reviews will give users the advantages and disadvantages of using the starter kits. This type of valuable information will allow you to make an educated choice and choose the best alternative.

A Review Of V2 Cigs

This brand of electronic cigarette has a flawless reputation among users and most reviewers give this company a five star rating every chance they get. It is regarded as one of the best e-cigarettes on the market, but you should not only rely on advertising, you should also know the facts about the brand so you will understand both the positives and negatives.

The Advantages:

• Excellent throat hit
• Excellent production of vapor
• Longest battery life on the market
• Refillable cartridges available
• E-liquid available
• Manual switch and automatic switch options

The Disadvantages:

• Less cigarette-like appearance than other brands

V2 Cigs do not offer high nicotine strengths, but the flavor and battery life are superb. The beginning price for a starter kit $49.95.

A Review Of Green Smoke

The manufacturers of the Green Smoke brand e cigarette have produced a device that is considered one of the best in the market. The device has a long battery life and the e-liquid is available in different flavor and several nicotine strengths.

The Advantages:

• Triple sealed cartridges
• Cartridges that last longer
• Two piece cartomizer
• Excellent customer service
• Durable design

The Disadvantages:

• Could offer more flavor options

Along with V2 Cigs, Green Smoke is one of the best e-cigarettes on the market. The sturdy design along with great vapor production leaves users very little to complain about. The prices for these starter kits start at $59.97.

A Review Of White Cloud

The e-cigarette that is produced by White Cloud is unique in the fact that it emits plumes of white mist when a user draws on the device. The white mist looks very similar to cirrus clouds, and that is how the batteries were named.

The Advantages:

• Cirrus 3x offers long battery life
• Shotgun tips
• A variety of nicotine strength levels
• Smooth draw on cartridges
• High production vapor

The Disadvantages:

• No options for manual battery
• Huge gaps between nicotine levels, no opportunity for gradual nicotine reduction

Users have expressed that the brand could improve certain areas of the product such as the manual battery option and offer more nicotine strength options. However, the cartridges are strong and the flavors are delicious. The starter kits are priced from $ 49.95.

A Review Of Seminole E-Cig

Although the Safe Cig brand is no more, the manufacturers of the Seminole e-cig, the Seminole Indian Tribe, have merged with Safe Cig manufacturers to create a line of electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars that are disposable and rechargeable.

The Advantages:

• Disposable e-cigs and e-cigars
• Rechargeable devices have three batteries
• Unique e-liquid flavors

The Disadvantages:

• Only three different nicotine strengths are available (14 mg, 18 mg and 24 mg)
• Only one type of starter kit is available

This brand of e cigarette eliminates all of the bells and whistles and provides users with the essentials that are needed to create a wonderful vaping experience. The price of the starter kit begins at $69.99.

These are only a few reviews of the many different brands of electronic cigarettes on the market. New users should research brands and read reviews so they can choose the best e-cig for their needs.

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