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The Era Of The E Cigs Has Arrived!

People who smoke tobacco cigarettes are fully aware of the hazards they face by smoking. They have heard the statistics about over 160,000 people per year dying from lung cancer, the staggering statistics of people contracting COPD, a disease that literally stops them from breathing so they smother to death. They know the increasing heart attack statistics and the high degree of other cancers that plague smokers.

So why do they continue to smoke cigarettes? The answer is simple. They are addicted to nicotine and cannot quit, for the most part. The smoking process is also a part of them psychologically speaking, as the habits of smoking such as times that they smoke, there accompanying accessories such as their cigarette case and their lighter, all play a part.

They probably even know someone, perhaps a friend or a family member who has died from lung cancer, and they have probably witnessed the horrible and painful deaths that they have endured, yet they continue to smoke, until now.

A new product has hit the market, and it has changed the entire picture in a very dramatic way. The first electronic cigarettes appeared on the marketplace in a big way in 2009, where a little over 60,000 units were sold to the public. The estimated sales for 2014 exceeds a billion units and it is growing.

The electronic cigarettes, or e cigs, and they are called, are devices that are shaped like cigarettes and contain a glycol liquid substance that when heated, emits a vapor that acts identically as smoke. It is then inhaled and exhaled just as if the user is smoking a tobacco cigarette. The vapor is basically harmless and can come with varying flavors of nearly every fruit you can imagine as well as the menthol and other cigarette flavors.

The e liquid, as it is called, can even have a mixture of nicotine in varying strengths, which then becomes the perfect transitional product for tobacco smokers who want to get away from all of the horrors of tobacco smoke. And that is exactly what is happening. A tobacco smoker can make the switch without skipping a beat while keeping the same level of nicotine, or that level can be decreases as needed in the same manner as nicotine patches or gum.

Big tobacco is beginning to take notice as tobacco giant Lolliard recently bought Blu E cigs, one of the earlier pioneers in the electronic cigarette industry and Reynolds tobacco is test marketing its on e cigarette brand.

Big tobacco has to be concerned that the burgeoning sales of e cigarettes is cutting into its tobacco sales because of people switching and it is only natural that they would want to carve out their own market share and create new avenues of sales. possibilities. With all the advertising revenue available to the major tobacco companies and their already robust distribution networks, it would not be difficult for them to really ramp up in this new field and become a major force.

Then you have to choir of naysaying regulatory agencies advising caution for proposed customers of this new industry, because ‘we do not know what is actually in these e cigarettes.’ They claim that the new product needs to be regulated to protect the public. Whether regulation is a factor or not, it will probably have little effect on the increasing acceptance of the product by the public.

Interestingly enough, the marketing pitches are using some of the same psychology that cigarettes used on the public early in the marketing push for cigarettes in the 40’s and 50’s. If you look at pictures of people in the 40’s and early 50’s, you see lots of cigarettes dangling from their lips, and the same with the movies. There was an emphasis on sophistication and style associated with smoking, as people who could ‘discriminate’ would be able to choose the correct cigarette and so on. There were even ads for cigarettes that were endorsed by doctors, who stated how beneficial such and such cigarette brand was to a person’s respiration.

So the same approach is made for the new e cigarettes, and it seems to be working as the sales continue to grow and it will be interesting to see how all of this works out during the next several years.